Monday, 7 February 2011

Resto Druid Guide updated for Patch 4.0.6!

I'm back! If you didn't notice I was away, well, that's a bit awkward for me, but I have been moving this past week so have been very busy packing and travelling. On the plus side, downtime loitering about in airports gave me time to go through a much needed update to my Resto guide!

Along with some of the minor updates for Patch 4.0.6, I completely overhauled the Specs section and updated information in the healing and stat priority section. I've got a new Base Spec suggestion up which should be useful for all healing, from 5 man dungeons on up into 25 man raids and progression content, along with additional information on options for flexible talent points to change that base spec around and information on DPS and Utility talents as well. I'll also be fine tuning some of the updates and fixing some additional things once the Patch goes live and I can test out some more of the talents / abilities and also confirm any final changes or hotfixes that didn't show up on the list.

You can see the updated guide at its usual home here: Cataclysm Restoration Druid Guide.

Hopefully everyone is excited for the patch, which looks like it will be landing this week! Resto druids are seeing some nice buffs, most notably a 30% increase to our Wild Growth healing as well as a reduction in its cooldown (8 seconds, down from 10). A small nerf to our Tree of Life duration, but it's not too big so I don't think it will be an issue. We're also seeing some buffs to Regrowth in that it will now benefit from Empowered Touch, so it should gain a +10% bonus and it will refresh Lifebloom stacks on a target.

Ferals are seeing a mix of changes, we've got a 10% damage reduction to our Rake and Rip, but an increase in the weapon damage contribution to our Shred and Mangle (cat) up to 450%. There are also a fair few PvP related changes with Shapeshifting and breaking roots (you can now only break roots with Shapeshifting if you select Restoration as your talent specialisation and also I think Moonkin form will break it), though normal shapeshifting will still clear you of movement impairing effects (slows etc).

For a full list of all the Patch 4.0.6 changes see the MMO-Champ post here: Patch 4.0.6 on Live Realms This Week.

I'll leave this update at that to give you time to peruse the Patch notes and the Resto guide updates!


Michael said... link? I can't find it anywhere on your site.

Feral Tree said...

Er, to the updated guide? It's in the post (I've gone back and bolded it in case it wasn't obvious), just click the link labeled 'Cataclysm Resto Druid Guide'. There's also a link on the right-hand side of the page layout. :)

The link to MMO's breakdown of the patch notes is the second link, also bolded, labeled Patch 4.0.6.