Tuesday, 12 October 2010

Happy Patch Day!

The patch has landed!

There's a massive post up at MMO-Champ (here) detailing all the Class changes, the new Raid Lockout system, Reforging, Currency conversions, Glyphs... and more. There's kind of a lot.

The new streaming launcher is in place, so you can enter the game while patch data is still being downloaded. If the play becomes undesirable while streaming the download, you can exit the game and simply restart the launcher to resume the download.

WoW Insider has several useful posts up, a Roundup of Patch 4.0.1 Information, including links to their writers' class-specific posts about the class changes, which are very useful for getting a glimpse at the changes your alts will be going through. They also have posts reporting the Official 4.0.1 Patch Notes and Known Issues in 4.0.1.

Realm Maintenance has been extended by two hours to 2pm PST, so plenty of time to read up on all that info! Don't be too surprised if it's extended again - there's usually a bit of patch-day madness, particularly on major content patches.

Many addons have also already been updated for 4.0.1/Cataclysm, so don't forget to check your addons for updates before logging in! The Curse Client is a nice (and free, if you don't fancy the premium version) way to keep track of your addons and has an easy interface for updating your addons.

Full list of official 4.0.1 information and links by Blizzard here.

Have fun!

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