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Raid Encounter Guides - Cho'gall (Bastion of Twilight)

Apologies for the delay in updates and getting these updated guides up - preparing for a move, so I've been very busy! Again, much of the information from the Beta Raid Previews I wrote up is still relevant for the fights which have not had a new guide posted yet.

Let's take a look at the end-boss of the Bastion of Twilight - Cho'gall.


This is one of the easier end-bosses, however, it does still require raid members to have good awareness and target swaps when needed. Avoiding unnecessary damage is particularly key due to the fight mechanic Corrupted Blood.

Abilities (source)

Corrupted Blood - Your blood is corrupted! Increases damage taken from Corruption of the Old God by 3%. Stacks to 100.

Throughout the fight you will have a graphic on the lower centre of your screen symbolising the amount of Corrupted Blood you have. As your Corrupted Blood increases (and the graphic fills up), you will gain the following additional debuffs:

Corruption: Accelerated - 25% Corrupted Blood. Your Corrupted Blood has gone to your heart and is accelerating, causing 2 stacks of Corrupted Blood for one minute. Magic dispellable.
Corruption: Sickness - 50% Corrupted Blood. Your Corrupted Blood has made you sick, causing you to vomit and inflict 39000 - 41000 Shadow damage to friends in a 5 yard frontal cone. Also causes Corrupted Blood.
Corruption: Malformation - 75% Corrupted Blood. A Malformation has grown out of your back which casts Shadow Bolts at nearby friendly players.
Corruption: Absolute - 100% Corrupted Blood. You are transformed into a Faceless One, receiving 100% less healing but inflicting 100% additional damage and all your spells become instant casts.

The following abilities in the fight all cause Corrupted Blood (amount caused in parenthesis).
-Dark Sickness (5)
-Accelerated Corruption (2 every second)
-Spilled Blood of the Old God (+5 every second while in it)
-Sprayed Corruption (5 every 2 seconds)
-Congealed Blood of the Old God (2 each melee hit)
-Corrupting Crash (10)
-Depravity (10)
-Festering Blood (5)
-Debilitating Beam (2 every second)
-Corruption of the Old God (1 every tick)

Phase 1 (100%-25%)
Fury of Cho'gall - Cho'gall blasts the target, inflicting 30,000 Shadow and 30,000 Physical damage and increasing Physical and Shadow damage taken by 20%. Cast on primary aggro target. Last 45 seconds, stacks.
Conversion - Cho'gall causes a target to channel Worshipping onto Cho'gall, causing him to gain Twisted Devotion every 3 seconds. Can be interrupted.
Twisted Devotion - Worshipping increases Cho'gall's damage done by 10% for 20 seconds. Stacks.
Flame's Orders - Cho'gall calls the Flames to his aid, adding 20,000 Fire damage to each melee swing and spawning fire patches.
Shadow's Orders - Cho'gall calls the Shadow to his aid, causing Shadow AoE damage to the raid.
Fester Blood - Cho'gall festers the blood of Corrupting Adherents, causing the Blood of the Old God to form from the congealed blood of the slain Adherents. Cause Corrupted Blood on melee swings; cannot be tanked but can be rooted, snared, and slowed.

Summon Corrupting Adherent - Cho'gall summons Corrupting Adherents to aid him. Adherents have the following abilities:
-Depravity - Inflicts Shadow damage to enemies within 50,000 yards and causes Corrupted Blood. 1.5 second cast, can be interrupted.
-Sprayed Corruption - Inflicts ~30,000 Shadow damage in a frontal cone and applies Corrupted Blood.
-Corrupting Crash - Fires a shadow missile at a target, dealing Shadow damage to all enemies near impact. Causes Corrupted Blood to those struck.
-Spilled Blood of the Old God - The slain Adherent spills corrupted blood, inflicting Shadow damage to enemies standing in it and causes Corrupted Blood.
If Corrupting Adherents are not killed before Cho'gall casts Fester Blood, the adds will spray Corruption everywhere, dealing ~40,000 Shadow damage every 2 seconds and causes Corrupted Blood.

Phase 2 (25% to 0%)
Fury of Cho'gall - Cho'gall blasts the target, inflicting 30,000 Shadow and 30,000 Physical damage and increasing Physical and Shadow damage taken by 20%. Cast on primary aggro target. Last 45 seconds, stacks.
Corruption of the Old God - Cho'gall inflicts 4000-5000 Shadow damage every 2 seconds to everyone in the room.
Darkened Creations - Cho'gall sumons 4/10 Darkened Creations to aid him which have the following ability:
Debilitating Beam - Reduces healing and damage done by 75%. Inflicts 4875-5125 Shadow damage every 1 second and causes Corrupted Blood every second. Lasts 10 seconds. Can be interrupted.

There are two crucial keys to this fight: Avoiding incoming damage to keep your Corrupted Blood levels low, and quick interrupts on Corrupting Adherents and Darkened Creations and on those raid members channeling Worship.

Raid Composition:
Your usual raid composition will likely suffice for this fight, though it is key you have reliable interruptors in your group. Classes with AoE interrupts or stuns can be useful for mass interrupts of raid members channeling Worship. You will also need interrupts on the Corrupting Adherents and Darkened Creations in phases 1 and 2.

Two tanks will suffice for this fight - your tanks will need to taunt Cho'gall in order to get rid of the Fury of Cho'gall debuff. If timed right, you should be able to do a tank swap on Cho'gall as each Corrupting Adherent spawns, freeing a tank to pick up the add and allowing him to clear his debuff. In 25 man you could also run three tanks, leaving a tank free to focus solely on adds.

Positioning for your raid can vary based on your group and their strengths, however, you may find it easiest to keep your raid stacked together for the majority of the fight. The primary strength in this is it allows for greater ease in dealing with Conversion on raid members. Two raid members will be mind controlled with Conversion in 10 man and three in 25 man.

If the raid is stacked up, it's very easy to use an AoE stun in order to interrupt every raid member channeling Worship. You could do this with a priest's Psychic Scream, a warrior's Intimidating Shout or Shockwave, a Destro warlock's Shadowfury, etc!

Rotating abilities like these for each Conversion provides a quick means for interrupts, which is crucial for keeping tank and raid damage down - Twisted Devotion can stack up quickly and will increase Cho'gall's damage significantly. It is good to have back-up interruptors as well for any raid members who may be outside of the group and begin channeling Worship, whether they be hunters (who may need to stand back just outside the main group) or simply when raiders invariably need to become a bit more spread when each adherent is summoned.

Phase 1 (100%-25%)
Phase 1 will have the raid alternating between DPSing Cho'gall and the adds and interrupting the raid members mind controlled with Conversion.

Cho'gall will summon one Corrupting Adherent at a time and you will face two Adherents before Cho'gall casts Fester Blood. If you tank Cho'gall in about the centre of the room, you will easily be able to bring each Adherent to the steps in the entrance of the room. When the Adherent dies, it spills a dark pool of corrupted blood, which is what will spawn the congealed Blood of the Old God adds when Cho'gall casts Fester Blood. By positioning each Adherent's death in that narrowed space at the entrance steps, you can force the congealed adds to funnel in a specific region as they travel towards the raid. This can help immensely with positioning snares such as Frost Traps and Earthbind Totems to slow the adds. You may also find a knockback such as Typhoon may be helpful on these congealed blood adds to prevent them from reaching and meleeing raid members.

It is crucial to have interrupts on the Adherents and to kill them quickly. Depending on your DPS, you may find it effective to either have all of the DPS turn to kill the add or to assign some to remain on the boss at all times.

Melee DPS need to be particularly careful when the Adherents die and may wish to move out just before they die so as not to get caught in the spilled pools of corrupted blood.

The raid should also spread out just enough when adds spawn in order to help them see the crash points of the Corrupting Crash launched by the Adherents. The target location is marked by a purple swirling patch on the ground.

After two Corrupting Adherents spawn, Cho'gall will cast Fester Blood. Congealed Blood of the Old God adds will spawn from each blood pool left by the dead Adherents and travel towards the raid. These adds only cause Corrupted Blood on melee attacks so slows, snares, and knockbacks help immensely in keeping them out of the raid as they are DPS'd down.

All adds must be killed - if Adherents are alive when Cho'gall casts Fester Blood, they will deal AoE damage to the entire raid which will likely lead to a wipe.

Flame's Orders will increase the incoming tank damage and Shadow's Orders will increase raid-wide damage. Both can be increased by Twisted Devotion.

Phase 2 (25%-0%)
When Cho'gall reaches 25% health he will push into phase 2. In this phase he will deal constant AoE damage to the raid with Corruption of the Old God and tanks will need to continue taunting off each other as Cho'gall will still be applying Fury of Cho'gall.

The key part to this phase is once again the adds and interrupts - Cho'gall will summon Darkened Creations (4 in 10 man, 10 in 25 man). These adds look like eyestalks and channel Debilitating Beam. This beam reduces all healing and damage done by 75%. This must be interrupted and the adds killed as quickly as possible. There is no 'ignore the adds, DPS the boss' part in this fight - the adds MUST die. If you attempt to leave them up you will either hit the enrage or your healers will be overwhelmed. It may be helpful to assign DPS to begin DPSing the Creations in certain areas first - i.e. group 1 targets North Creations first, group 2 targets South Creations first, etc.

Some raid members may have Corruption: Sickness by this point in the fight; if they do, it is extremely helpful that they face themselves away from other raid members to avoid vomiting on them and dealing more damage to the raid. Healers may find it easiest to simply face themselves out of the raid on transition to phase 2.

While the fight may sound a bit confusing when seeing all of the different abilities, it is a pretty straightforward fight in practice. Overall, the fight follows a simple cycle of DPS boss, DPS adds, DPS boss again, DPS adds again, etc. The simplest way to think about the Corrupted Blood is simply avoid damage to avoid increasing the corruption. Almost every ability that causes damage to raid members will increase Corrupted Blood levels, so avoiding the Shadow crashes, the blood pools, etc, will keep your corruption levels down.

Apart from avoiding unnecessary damage, quick interrupts on adds and mind controlled raid members are crucial, as are efficient killing of adds. If you can succeed on this, you will win the fight!

Good luck and have fun!

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