Tuesday, 25 January 2011

Slayer of Stupid, Incompetent, and Disappointing Minions!

A quick update; we got Heroic Maloriak down last night, and I was actually recording for once so I have a video of our first kill!

Video: Our Heroic Maloriak 25 man kill.

Despite taking ages to upload and being recorded in 1080 HD it for some reason is only showing up in 720 HD on youtube, so I'll have a poke at that later after raid time to figure out why that is. A bit annoyed at that and hoping it won't be too difficult to amend, as I've been trying to improve the picture and overall video qualities as I do each one. Added a little intro lead-in for the site, will be playing some more with those sorts of things as I go as well. Also, if anyone has recommendations for new music to check out, always interested to hear some new stuff! The videos so far have some similar soundtracks, though I do have some very different music in mind for an upcoming vid (ideally a Conclave vid if I can get one recorded).

The Heroic Maloriak fight is quite a good one, with the primary difference from normal mode being an additional phase in which Nefarian adds Dark Magic to Maloriak's cauldron. You can see in the video that this results in a lot of additional adds (the dark swills), dark patches on the ground which deal a lot of damage if you stand in it, and a debuff cast on the tank called 'Engulfing Darkness'.

The Engulfing Darkness debuff is very important as it reduces all healing taken by 99%. You can see in the video I have Maloriak focussed to watch his cast bar and have the debuff icon appearing on my Vuhdo - it's a 3 second cast with an 8 second channel applied on the tank (and any who happen to get in front of him) which applies the debuff. It's very important that the tank is healed to full in those few seconds before the debuff is reapplied and any necessary cooldowns used by/on the tank as needed, as healing will be ineffective while the cast is channelled.

I'll be trying to get a full raid guide up for Maloriak soon to go with the video, including some more information on the heroic mode abilities. I've also had some questions about my UI so I'll see about doing an updated UI post as well.

One of the most fun things about the Maloriak hardmode is you receive the following awesome (yet sadly  temporary) title:

You also get a fun debuff:

Unfortunately, both disappear when you die (including if you die during the encounter itself), so more incentive to stay out of bad stuff and remain alive!

We all quickly lost our titles though as our raid leaders forgot to set the instance back to Normal mode. We were a few minutes into Nefarian when we suddenly realised 'hm... why are people getting mind controlled?.. OMG IT'S STILL ON HEROIC!!' One day no one will realise it when that happens and maybe we'll end up with an accidental heroic win.

More to come soon!


Moonra said...

big big gratz! now write about druid healing in heroic content :P I'm 11/12 and very worried about my future... need non-forum-ish stuff to read!

Curtis said...

Grats on kill. Here is a tutorial for getting 1080p YouTube videos. It was made by Xav of Premonition.


- Derpdiggler, Stormreaver US

Feral Tree said...

@Moonra Cheers :D Hehe yeah I need to make a post on it. I was kind of hoping to wait for the patch, but I should perhaps just post something additional on it now anyway. The rejuv mana cost was at least hotfixed so I'm able to feel that out atm, even w/o the WG/Mastery buffs.

Thanks! I'll check that video out. I likely messed something up while uploading as well, I've uploaded some 1080 vids previously without problem. The entire upload was taking waaaay too long, I definitely think I did something wrong with it.

Keef said...

Grats on the kill buddy.

Which hard mode do you think is the most difficult so far, and why? Is Maloriak just difficult mechanically, or because the damage output on the raid is so high (the same sort of question applies to all the other fights you've done).

Feral Tree said...

ohai! thanks :D
Hhm interesting question. Maloriak actually isn't too bad, really, the damage can be high at times but if you stay out of the dark patches and control the adds well (through interrupts and slows/kites etc) it's not too bad. I suppose because of those sort of things it's a bit difficult execution-wise.

Really all of them are quite tricky due to high execution and spatial awareness requirements. You really can't switch off, if you're slow to react or move or miss an interrupt or stand in the wrong spot... mistakes are usually very harshly punished (though some more than others).

I think most difficult and most taxing/stressful so far really is Conclave heroic >.< namely east platform. high damage, high dps requirement, high spatial awareness, and a little bit of RNG luck to make sure you can actually see where Roash is facing his cutter cast (LOLTORNADOS). Definitely the most stressful fight imo! That platform, anyway. I'm not fond of it.

We're working on Magmaw heroic atm and it's shaping up to be a ton of damage on the raid and tanks coupled with very quick reaction requirements and again high spatial awareness requirements. Should be another tricky one! The heroics are definitely a step up from the normal modes.

oshin said...

Gratz on the kill, we are attempting maloriak tonight. I was wondering how many times he casts engulfing darkness, if it is timer based or how does that ability work?
Also is it recommended to have tank kiteing the aberrations before the green phase?

Thanks and gz again on the kill

Feral Tree said...

Thanks, gluck in your attempts!
Engulfing Darkness is cast throughout the Dark Magic phase caused by Nefarian, basically, it's a 3 second cast-up time (during which the Maloriak tank must be topped off) followed by an 8 second channel which applies the debuff. I'm not certain exactly how many times he uses the ability, but it's throughout the Dark Magic phase and is basically Cast...Channel(debuff applied)...Recast...Channel... repeating. Whomever is healing the tank needs to be prepared to top the tank off in that short window, and damage reduction cooldowns used as needed during the cast.

Yes, we had a tank kiting the aberrations approaching the green phase, and we had mages laying down Ring of Frost to help cc them a bit, plus our frost DK hitting them with howling blast to help slow them (frost traps should work too, though they may obscure the dark patches on the ground if you have Projected Textures enabled).

oshin said...

Thanks for the fast reply, appreciate it. I'm guessing that the damage from the adds buffing each other is so huge that the tank has to kite them a bit?

Feral Tree said...

Yeah, they start buffing each other and just the quantity of them, really don't want them all beating on the tank. Our tank in that vid (a pally) was saying it would be easier for a warrior (guessing PH/Shockwave et al), but he handled kiting them well. A big thing seemed to be making sure the ranged were positioned for the Dark Magic phases so that they weren't standing in the OT's kite path (b/c of the sludge puddles on the ground) and also weren't too close to melee, who had to avoid them as well.

oshin said...

We had some decent tries on him, most wipes we had was melee dying like flies in the black puddles, i guess they just need to look out for it better. When they died we didn't have the dps to kill the adds.

Also arcane storm getting a tick on red phase is bad :P

Thanks for your help :)

Feral Tree said...

Heheh yah melee and puddles don't often have happy endings. Ours are managing it better now, though you can see in the vid a fair few of them get pretty low >.< A gulidie made a video that included vent which has one of our healers yelling at everyone not to suck at puddles :P

A tick of arcane storm can be pretty brutal, red phase it can definitely lead to a wipe. Even on blue phase it can be bad, we had a few goes where people were one-shot by the deep freeze b/c they had just eaten a tick of arcane storm. need pro interrupts :P