Tuesday, 10 August 2010

New faction leader models and pets

We had a fun update from MMO Champ today showing off the new Faction Leader models as well as a few new companion pet models, so I thought I'd make a quick post showing those.

There are a few of the Wrath models in there as well (Alextrasza, for instance). The Ysera model looks great, Malfurion is looking pretty cool as well. 

 There's a few cool new pets as well, including two engineering ones! 

This one is pretty cool, will definitely be trying to make that quite quickly. Not too sure if the pattern is a drop or if we can learn it from the trainer.

This is the other one.

This is just a new pet, though they don't know where it drops yet. Pretty cool though!

There was also a quote from Ghostcrawler about Glyphs in Cataclysm:
Bigger topic, but minor glyphs are almost always cosmetic / convenience features for Cataclysm. The big distinction is between prime glyphs (unambiguous dps increases) and major glyphs (utility, survival or very hard to math out dps increases). Under that model, affecting Fear is probably a major.

While we probably won't change every glyph, there is a chance we might, so I ask players not to focus too much on the current LK glyphs.

All for now!

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Anonymous said...

Of all those pets I think the skeletal dinosaur is the most intriguing to me. Mostly because it's so different from what is currently available. And the ghostly skull doesn't count!