Saturday, 14 August 2010

Cata changes, Relics and Phoenixes!

MMO Champ had a big update from the latest Beta build with some interesting changes and new items.

An interesting change is coming to Relics. All Idols, Librams, Sigils, and Totems are now all known just as Relics and they have stats as opposed to the current procs. This puts them a bit more in line with wands and other items in the Ranged slot. 

Overall this is seeming like a good change. This will probably make each tier of Relics better upgrades, as opposed to the current model where sometimes the procs of a previous tier's Relic is better than the new one (whether due to ramp-up time, the buff not remaining up like it's ideally supposed to, etc). Now, instead of worrying about Relic buffs falling off or the equip being based on an ability that isn't used much, we'll now just have direct stat upgrades. With the advent of reforging, too, any additional stats (ie crit, haste) will likely be able to be tweaked if desired.

There are some guild vendor rewards, which looks like they become available with the guild rep/guild leveling system. There are several new BOA items; helms, which have a +10% exp bonus, and some cloaks, which only have a 5% bonus. An image from MMO is below, click for a larger view.

The prices are most likely off though - they look very cheap! - so I expect those may change in the future. I also don't see costs on the BOA items, though there may be several ways to purchase those, similar to now (Dungeon badges, Stone Keeper's Shards, and Champion's Seals).

The Dark Phoenix mount looks brilliant.

You will also be able to buy 310% flying speed for 5000 gold (though if you have a 310% mount already, you will learn it for free).

Some interesting updates!

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