Wednesday, 22 September 2010

Favourite zones in Wrath

With patch 4.0 on the horizon and, with it, a few days (or more) of bugs, broken addons and massive lag in and around Dalaran as everyone tries to flood on, I've been shifting all of my hearthstones out of Dal and into the quieter neighbouring areas. As my toons all drifted outwards away from the city, it got me thinking about my favourite zones in Wrath, and found myself heading again and again to Storm Peaks.

 My favourite zone in Wrath is easily Storm Peaks. It has some fun questlines, the Hodir chain likely being the most memorable and leading into the history and the future of Ulduar. Overall, though, I find the zone to be really beautiful and peaceful. It's one of the places I enjoy just flying around. The music in the zone is also fitting, quiet at times, more epic at others, and always quite peaceful. One spot (pictured above) just south of Thunderfall actually has snow falling gently down.

My second favourite zone would likely be Dragonblight, mainly for the questlines there. The quest chains from Wyrmrest Temple are fun and give depth to all the dragonflights. The Veteran of the Wrath Gate quest chain is another brilliant questline, leading to an epic battle and setting up some of the final events in Icecrown. Icecrown itself has some excellent questlines as well, from capturing the Shadowvault to helping the Argent Crusade and everywhere in between, all leading to the final assault on the Citadel.

For pure fun, the Worg questline in Howling Fjord is brilliant and one of my favourites as well. I first discovered the quest on my hunter, whose pet wolf was the same model as the worg disguise you wear, and I spent ages sprinting around Howling Fjord in the disguise. I've started the chain on several toons (it starts with The Cleansing) and never turned in the final quest so that I could keep the disguise. It only works in Howling Fjord, but still a fun disguise to hang on to.

What have been your favourite zones in Wrath?

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Erinys said...

Grizzly Hills without a shadow of a doubt. I love the zone and I even like the music. The Alliance Worgen related chain is amazing, especially the ride across country throwing fire from the back of a horse and it's got furbolgs in it. You can't go wrong with furbolgs in a zone.