Thursday, 9 September 2010

For Gnomeregan!

The time has come to take back Gnomeregan and the Echo Isles!

This week saw the implementation of the Gnomeregan and Darkspear Trolls pre-Cata events! It almost feels like it snuck up on us a bit - for me, at least, I was so distracted by beta updates and changes that I had forgotten this was due. The events are a ton of fun, I highly recommend checking them out! The quests are pretty quick and definitely worth the time (not to mention they give a couple of fun rewards), and if you're level 75+ you can participate in the final event to recapture Gnomeregan or Echo Isles too.

Some screenshots and highlights below! Just a note, they do contain spoilers! If you haven't done the events yet, you may want to check them out before reading on.

The Gnomeregan quests begin in Ironforge, where you have to recruit some gnome citizens for the battle.

There's a series of fun quests to do after you deliver the recruits, the most fun of which being able to test out the spider-bot vehicles. Especially fun as a tree!

The main quest line will reward you with an item which will allow you to wear a gnome costume (or a troll costume for the Horde questlines). The cooldown is long (four hours!) but the costume lasts for 30 minutes, so not too bad!

After you finish up the quests (and if you're level 75+), you can participate in the battle to retake Gnomeregan. The event is similar to the Battle for the Undercity quest in that you run with the leaders and gain a buff which boosts your damage immensely and heals you.

Gnome King Mekkatorque has a particularly funny line when trying to disarm a radiation bomb left by Thermaplugg, asking for some Refreshing Spring WaterHandful of Copper Bolts, and Dirty Trogg Cloths to fix it!

The bomb does go off, but we do reclaim the surface of Gnomeregan! I'm guessing there may be some more to come yet. Cool explosion though!

I recently moved my hunter horde-side, so I do have some screenshots from the Echo Isles event! (Though not as many).

As with the Gnomeregan quests, you need to get some recruits for the battle!

The quests are a little bit less humourous as the gnome quests (reflecting the different cultures, really), but a lot of cool troll lore is mixed in, and connections to the spirits. There's also a very interesting introduction to the troll druids!

The troll costume is also incredibly awesome! Much cooler than the gnome one I think.

That's all I've got! Definitely go check out the quests and events, they're a ton of fun! I'll be going through on all my alts, well worth it! After the battles too you get a cool Darkspear or Gnomeregan cloak. It looks like they took out the 'overcloak' option though and they're just normal cloaks now. Oh, and for those of you working on your Loremaster achievements, the quests do count!

Have fun!

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Moonra said...

the little 30min super gnome transformation will help we in Cata when I don't have my silly tree form anymore... I'm already stacking noggerfogger or whats it called