Thursday, 30 September 2010

Druid Tier 11, 4.0.1

MMO-Champ recently released additional images and also some video of the new tier11 armour pieces, including the druid set! You can see MMO's full post here, along with a preview of the rogue and warlock models which also look pretty nice.

The tier 11 set looks pretty good I think! I love the the new spaulders and helm with the wings and lightning. It looks like there's now a sort of lightning-crackle animation as well as slowly falling feathers.

You can see the animation in this video created by MMO-Champion.

MMO is also reporting that Patch 4.0.1 is likely to arrive either 5 Oct or 12 Oct (so in the next week or two), based on comments by Ghostcrawler suggesting the patch will arrive shortly before or around the end of the current arena season and a change on the WoW trial page, which is stating the streaming version of the new download/game client will be available on the 5th.

There hasn't been any official announcement for a Cataclysm release date, with speculation ranging from early November to mid-December times. We'll be getting patch 4.0.1 with all of the class and system changes and later 4.0.3 will be landing with Cataclysm events (the actual environment changes and things like that).

Pretty exciting times ahead! I'd recommend moving your toons out of Dalaran, at least before each Tuesday, as I'm sure lag and everyone attempting to log on will make getting on a nightmare. Based on my experience with the streaming downloader on the Beta, I may have to wait for the game to fully download, as I've had FPS issues when attempting to stream it. Everyone trying to get on at once to see all the new changes won't help!

I've also been stocking up on gems and enchant mats. I'm hoping professions won't be broken on the patch (they're a little bit dodgy on PTR and possibly on Beta; my toon had his profession levels go over but had to retrain to access - he still had 450 but lost all his recipes) as that will make things difficult, so I may pre-cut some things. In the very least, all my armour pen gems will be turning to crit gems in the patch, which I'll likely be replacing with agililty. Slightly annoyingly, hit gems will now be turning blue, so I'll lose a few of the socket bonuses I've managed to pick up.

If you can, though, now will likely be a good time to pick up some of these things before patch! Emblems will be converting to the new Justice Points, at a slightly higher conversion rate than previously planned (11.58 points per emblem). There's a cap (more info on this post) with spare points converting to gold, though that conversion has been reduced. I decided to spend at least my Triumph badges on gems, though I'm undecided on just what I'd prefer to do with my frost badges as yet. I've also stocked up on some additional Druid glyphs in the hope that many will just change in effect (rather than disappear entirely with some of the new changes) so I don't get gouged on the auction house as everyone scrambles for new glyphs.

Interesting changes ahead!

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