Sunday, 25 July 2010

By fire be purged!

I've finished my mace! Two xpacs behind, but no matter, I'm still very happy to have made it. :D

I'm tempted to use it in randoms, probably while healing and just run up to mobs and smack them with it, though the drop in stats is quite significant so perhaps I shouldn't if I want to maintain a (reasonable) level of contribution to the group. Perhaps I'll use it on the occasions I get overgeared tanks so it's safe to have the drop in spellpower.

I'll be continuing to go into Molten Core both for rep (Hydraxian Waterlords and Thorium Brotherhood from the Lava and Fiery Core turn-ins) and to finish off my t1 set (The Cenarion robes just will not drop! I only need the Robes and Boots now.). I'm quite tempted to head in on my Pally now, though, and try to get the pieces for Thunderfury, as that weapon is awesome. I've seen some tanks use that in randoms and it looks like a lot of fun. We shall see though!

Here's a bit of interesting information from WoW Wiki on Sulfuras:
Sulfuras is the mighty weapon of Ragnaros the Firelord. The weapon never leaves his grasp. It is composed of flaming red elementium and etched from end to end with intricate runes that seem to move like flowing lava across the weapons surface. Sulfuras is covered with many vicious pikes of varying sizes, each white hot and surrounded by the distortion of shimmering heat.
When a creature is slain by Sulfuras, its body is consumed by intense flame and effectively disintegrated, leaving behind only a pile of ash. The heat and pressure of this effect solidifies the ash into a hard, dark, crystal. This crystal is known as an eye of Sulfuras and is used by Ragnaros' followers in ancient rituals or to craft special weapons such as sulfuron hammers.


Anonymous said...

Grats! Is that your first legendary? Very shiny.

Feral Tree said...

Thank you! It is indeed :) Pity it's not at level, but still, fun to have an orange all the same!