Monday, 12 July 2010

Troll and Worgen Druid Forms

The Cataclysm NDA was lifted and with it, a first look at the Troll and Worgen Druid forms!

Troll Bear form:

Troll Cat form:

Worgen Bear form:

Worgen Cat form:

I quite like the Worgen forms, they look cool and quite fierce, particularly the armour and spikes on the bear form. I think I may race change my second druid to a Worgen actually.  My main shall remain a Night Elf though!

I'm a bit mixed on the Troll forms. Mainly the colours seem a bit extreme, at least in the Bear forms. A sky blue and yellow bear looks a bit odd! Perhaps it will look a bit better in-game, though. The Troll cat forms are a bit cooler, I particularly like the tiger stripes they get.

All in all, some cool forms!

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