Tuesday, 13 July 2010

Warning: New scam with Celestial Steeds

I love my shiny sparkle pony, and I imagine many players would still love to get one, especially if it's free. Unfortunately, though, it looks like hackers are upping their attempts to break into your account with a new scam that makes it look like you've been given a Celestial Steed. The good people over at WoW.com posted this story, including a copy of what the scam email looks like and some very helpful tips for protecting your account and what to do if you're hacked. Read the full story here: New scam tries to give you a free Celestial Steed.

The sample of the scam email they posted looks very convincing, so be very careful with any emails you receive! With the latest round of beta invites reported to be going out this week, also be very careful with any emails mentioning an invite - your battle.net account will be flagged for a beta trial, possibly before you even get an email, so don't follow any links out of an email! Always type the official WorldofWarcraft or Battlenet url into your browser to ensure you get to the official site and not a keylogger.

I also recommend picking up an Authenticator for your account. It's very cheap and will help keep your account protected! Remember to never share your account information with anyone, and Blizzard employees and GMs will never ask for your account information or password. Plus, you can get a cute core hound pup with your authenticator!

Keep safe!

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