Saturday, 17 July 2010

The heavens burn!

We were short a few people the other night, so we bonked out Ruby Sanctum (25) quickly on normal mode. I decided to record it, so here's the finished video :D The quality isn't amazing, would have liked to get it HD, but need to either figure out how to improve the quality of the in-game recorder or download a proper programme. I had a lot of fun adding the music and sounds; the music ended up syncing brilliantly, even right down to the phase changes! The track is (appropriately titled) 'A Pressing Need to Save the World' by Murray Gold.

See my discussion on healing Ruby Sanctum for more info on healing the encounter.

ETA: Sorted out how to get videos in HD, so will grab some more vids in HD quality to add soon :D


Anonymous said...

Ah ruby sanctum. I haven't done that one yet as a healer. Sounds like fun but also a bit of a chaotic fight at times :)

Feral Tree said...

Definitely a lot of fun, once you get the coordination/rhythm down it definitely feels less chaotic. Only annoying thing tends to be if you're healing the Twilight Realm and get the Consumption debuff - I much prefer when it lands on a dps!