Wednesday, 14 July 2010


Blizz has released the new beta talent trees, which are all now up on MMO Champion. They definitely trimmed them down! There's still a ways to go, particularly for druids, but the new talent trees are interesting to look at all the same and they give an interesting view of what's ahead.

Take a look! MMO's Cata Druid Page and their Cataclysm Talent Calculator. Do keep in mind that this is all subject to change!

I've had some pokes at the talent trees and they look interesting. I'm particularly liking the new talents down the Resto and Feral trees. Efflorescence looks fun and useful (I don't see many raiders being aware enough to move into your flower patches, but this will be wonderful on groups that are stacked together, namely melee and grouped ranged). The NomNomNom talent (which I'd be quite happy for it to keep that name) in feral will be brilliant towards the ends of fights, seeing as I already have some conundrums during the final moments of fights over whether I should refresh my Rip or if it would be more effective at that point to just Ferocious Bite til dead.

The last time I did a full-fledged spec and analysis of the Cata trees (on my guild's forums), Blizz announced just a few days later that they were trashing them and doing these new ones! So I won't rush into this one just yet. I'd also like to give MMO a little bit more time to work out any kinks or errors that may still be up (it was a hectic night for them, I'm sure). But the links above are definitely very interesting, so do check them out! I will post some more reaction to them and Cata changes soon.

I also wanted to make a note for my Feral followers - I will be posting more on Feral soon! I'm working on a guide similar to my How to be a Tree! guide for Cats, and I'll follow that up as soon as I can with one for Bears. Those posts are much more involved, so they take a bit longer to fully write and organize, but I will get them up as soon as I can!

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